The contractor came today to look at moving our sink/faucet AND add electrical.

Yes, he’s an all around Renaissance man of the home improvement world

The good news is that it should be “No sweat”….and by the number of times he said it, I’m beginning to think that I could tackle the projects… Electricity and I are just passing acquaintances though, so I’m going to leave the liability to him.

To prep for the install, M & I went to a few different stores to see what was available-  our current sink takes up WAY too much counterspace, and the current faucet leaks if you turn on a hair too much- so it might be time to think about replacing both.

Sinks-  Acrylic or Steel?  Opinions?  We’re planning a self-rimming model (because of our future tile counter) and I’m not a fan of the stainless steel.  I would like solid surface- but they’re out of our price range.

Faucets- Attached are the pictures of the ones we liked- all would include a hand sprayer… Opinions?  While I kind of dig the black patina version, I’m afraid it’ll go out of style too soon.  We’re looking for a little longevity, too…

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3 thoughts on “Drip…DripDripDrip…Drip

  1. I like the first faucet the best…

  2. D

    I like the last one..it looks familiar.

  3. I too like the last one – but each of these are slightly different styles so I think it depends a lot on various other factors in the room (style of the overall room, and particularly the rest of the hardware).

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