A Seasick Margarita

Ever wonder what it would look like if a margarita became human and then proceeded to become violently ill in your kitchen?


Me either until this weekend when I attempted to paint my kitchen “Corn Husk” green.  A color that had promised to be bright and cheery, while remaining unobtrusive…

Quite simply, I was wrong.

First thought-  oh, my.  that’s a bit bright.

Second thought- maybe it’ll get darker when it dries.

Third thought-  Holy crap! It’s not getting darker!  Is it suppose to glow in the dark? 

Fourth though-  Stop Painting!!! I need new paint…NOW.

It’s fixed, but it was scary there for awhile…pictures to come…


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2 thoughts on “A Seasick Margarita

  1. I hope your pics show the glow in the dark margarita puke!

  2. lol. Sounds like college.

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