Sawdust in my Hair

Do you think anyone else notices the sawdust I keep finding everywhere?  Under my nails…In my shoes…Even in my hair? 

Or are people thinking I just have a really bad case of dandruff?

The cause?  (of the sawdust, not dandruff)  Kitchen demolition.  We took out the wall cabinets and soffit last night- and will be attempting to remove the lower cabinets this evening.  Turns out that the PO had tacked up drywall over the plaster to the soffit line, and then hung the cabinets.  So, when we removed the drywall, we discovered there had been a light fixture originally over the sink- and all that was left was a scary, scary hole with random wires (live wires??? who knows?  that’s the fun of it, right?) poking through.  Um, thanks PO.

Moving on…the new cabinets arrived on Tuesday- and man, if they were any better looking, I’d be cuddled up next to them every night instead of my husband… Ahem.

Anyway, agonizing over shades and wood tones was either in vain, or worth the effort, cause they match the other kitchen woodwork nicely. 

Tomorrow the plumber comes to move the water and waste lines, and then this weekend the cabinets go up.   

I, naturally, will be making a pest of myself as I take pictures of everything going on.  Just ignore any “dandruff” you might see in the upcoming posts…

Oh, and Happy Love Thursday!  The week is speeding by- so it’s nice to remember we’ll have a quieter summer of working in the garden coming up ahead…

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2 thoughts on “Sawdust in my Hair

  1. Consider the sawdust a badge of honor. Wear it proud!

  2. D

    Agonizing over the color was WORTH IT!! Not in vain.
    As evidence I would offer the Margarita color mentioned in a previous post. If you hadn’t agonized the cabinets could match the Margarita walls!

    As for the sawdust, you have just begin to discover it. You will be running across sawdust for the next year. YES 365 days. It will take that long for it all to get out of your house. You heard it here first.
    J will confirm that!!

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