Big Maple Boxes

The wall cabinets are up (and only in need of a couple of doors)!  The base cabinets…well, they’re in the kitchen, and bolted together, so that’s a start.  Please ignore huge gaping holes in the plaster and lathe…those are just design elements…We wanted to go modern destruction chic…Um, thanks.

Also added- wiring for a disposal, light and outlet- all thanks to M’s brother!  All those were on the list, but had been a “later” type of task.

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3 thoughts on “Big Maple Boxes

  1. D

    Looking good. The rest is downhill from here. The tearout and putting up the first cabinet are the hard parts. I like the color too.

  2. j

    They look really great! I’m looking forward to seeing everything in a couple of weeks. Having done this before I know how hard you guys worked this weekend. Maybe you should leave the lathe showing for a little bit more ‘character’?
    Good job.

  3. Looks good… I like your cabinet choice! It should look great when done…

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