I need a nap…

…but we’re almost done with the counters, so the sleep deprivation is worth it.  Don’t be fooled though, the tile is only in the dry fit stage- the terror of mortaring comes later on this evening…

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5 thoughts on “I need a nap…

  1. Is that Mountain Green from the Tile Store on Hwy 100? If so and if you need more of those edge pieces I have 5 or 6 left from a previous job that I’d let go cheap. We’re using Mountain Green in the house now but going with the rounded edge this time.

  2. Good luck with that mortaring!

  3. D

    Nice!! I like the big tiles, fewer grout lines and less cutting.
    Color looks like it fits the woodwork perfectly!!

  4. cotterpin

    Yes it is Mountain Green! Thanks for the offer Jeff- but we have everything we need- in fact we might have too much!!

  5. j

    Try to keep the final image in your head! You’re at the stage where you just want it all to go away-so try to remember your vision. It will done sooner than you think and you’ll be ready to start something else—–maybe the second floor? I’m just saying–

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