Renovation Hangover

I’ve heard of post renovation depression…but with the virtual avalanche of activity on our kitchen the last two weeks and the final push this weekend, I’m suffering a bit of a renovation hangover. More specifically, being extremely lazy by sitting on the couch while eating a lot of junk food to the drone of the television while wallowing in the luxury of having running water in the kitchen.

No tools have been touched in two days, and will not be touched for another five.

Ahhh…let me just stretch for a minute.


My parents spent the past weekend with us, greatly assisting with the other kitchen to-do’s- crown moulding, base moulding, tiling the backsplash, painting the porch steps, helping me pick out a compound miter saw. You know, the usual stuff people do while serving hard labor on vacation. Having them here was great (and more helpful than I can express) but it’s made me a bit lazy. Everything looks so good, I feel like I can slack off a bit. Which includes blogging…

So, until I can take some pictures to capture the great progress (just one more day of laziness- I swear!) instead a picture for Love Thursday. Our dog Stella spent the weekend following my mom around- (can’t blame her, all dogs love my mom) and is suffering a little bit of heartbreak now that she’s gone. Which makes two of us…

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3 thoughts on “Renovation Hangover

  1. Great moment. Happy LT!

  2. Awwww… that’s sweet. Happy love thursday!

  3. poor pooch. I hope your mother comes back soon.

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