Roadtrips on the mind

Maybe it was the long winter.

Or maybe because it’s actually starting to get warm out and I can practically see the grass growing beneath my feet.

Or maybe it’s just the call of the wild. 

Or the call of the road. 

Or the call that if the renovation gets to be too much we can just hitch up our “spare bedroom” and camp out for awhile.

But this?  So cute.  I stumbled across it while looking for cheap vacation spots…And it’s not like I’m even an RV kind of girl- I was a strictly camping in the background while twirling around in my pretend-tutu type of girl…

But still, it’s probably because of the retro look that I love…that and the hatchback kitchen.  What’s not to like about a HATCHBACK KITCHEN?!?  Impractical during a rainstorm?  Well. Yes.  But still so cute.


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3 thoughts on “Roadtrips on the mind

  1. D

    I’ve seen these on TV, kind of a cult following. You do realize that the inside is just a double bed, right? No chairs, table, or anything.
    A lot of people attach a tarp to have something to sit beneath.

    Cooking in the your words, “Seriously?!”


  2. Actually, in the version above there is a “booth” with a table that converts to a bed…and lots of storage. Not too shabby…

  3. I’ve been drooling after the tiny new Airstream model, too… that one is really cute!

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