The Water Down-Under

As mentioned before, we’re having some rough weather.  Severe weather watches.  Flood watches. “Auntie Em” watches.  And M and I are on basement watch.

Which is about as fun as it sounds.

We don’t have a sump pump (insert ominous music here)- just a center drain- so this past weekend we had a few trickles minor streams of water from the base of the basement walls to the drain.

Again, about as fun as it sounds.

It wasn’t standing water though (thank you baby Jesus), and wasn’t very deep (thanks again baby Jesus), but it definitely put a crimp in my movie-of-the-week Saturday night television plans.

What can I say…I’m an exciting girl when I’m on my own for the weekend- M was off doing fabulous/important National Guard stuff- like watching it rain from a Humvee…

Other than our Picassos, we don’t have a bunch of stuff in our basement, so clean up wasn’t too bad.  I’m not liking the pool smell that permeates the house when we turn the air on due to the disinfectant, but it’s better than black mold crawling up my walls, so who’s going to quibble, right?

So, after sealing the cracks with industrial strength goop, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the streams will be reduced to drops- or best yet- nothing at all.

We’re scheduled to get up to two additional inches of rain tonight- so we might be sleeping in shifts until the goop proves itself.

So, um, is anyone having good weather so far this month?  If you are, would you mind some water-logged house guests for a week or two?

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3 thoughts on “The Water Down-Under

  1. j

    You can come here anytime you want-Lots of sunshine and humidity!
    I’ll be waiting for you.

  2. Dad

    The door is open and you know the way, and Stellie is a welcome guest here too.

  3. those are some amazing amazing shots; especially that first one with the reflection in the water. I have not seen one like that before. Thanks!

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