The Cotterpin House had a farm…

Today was CSA day!

Let me back up a bit…

This spring, M and I were watching PBS (because we’re some of the few people left in the United States without cable <gasp> ) and saw a segment on community supported agriculture (or CSAs). Haven’t heard about them? Yeah, me either…

The premise is that a local farm offers members of the community a “share” in their crops in exchange for a set share price each week. You then get an equal share in all the produce for the growing season (ours is 20 weeks long). If the season gets rained out- everyone gets a smaller share. If the growing season is great- everyone gets to share in the extra food. Turns out there’s all types of CSAs available- veggies, fruit, honey, eggs, even chicken and beef.

Anyway, we saw the show and thought it was cool that the money you pay for fresh food is going to support little family farms- not some nameless mass conglomerate. And we I was tired of running out into our yard to scare off the rabbits feasting on our garden. So we decided to join up.

And were deemed non-CSA worthy. I guess they require blood tests and fiber counts, and as we subsisted on jelly beans and stale Christmas candy up until that point, we didn’t make the cut. Just like high school all over again.

Ok, it may have been because we were about four weeks out from the first delivery, and all the farms had full lists…but I think the former had a bit to do with it too…

Anyway about a week ago we got an email that a share was open- with our first choice farm! They liked us, they really liked us! Or we had the cash they needed. whatever. don’t judge.

So today was the first official delivery…We got lots of herbs, maple syrup, radishes, and a ton of beans. Next month? Cucumbers, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, beets, lettuce, carrots, and more radishes. Anyone want a salad?

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3 thoughts on “The Cotterpin House had a farm…

  1. 🙂 We thought of doing that.. but it seemed like SO MUCH FOOD! Even for the half shares they let you buy.

    I have a great green bean curry recipe that I LOVE…

  2. D

    looks like Scurvy won’t be an issue at the Cotterpin House!!

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