Trendsetters…and project of the weekend!

Very cool article in the New York Times about community shared agriculture…not that I’m biased due to our first season as farm share holders…ahem.

So far though, we love it. The boxes we receive each week contain a little more than the week before- and the quality has been great…it’s almost making me a little scared that we’ll have too much by the end of August. I guess my office will just have to share the bounty.

In other news, M is gone for the weekend, so naturally I’m looking to get a few minor projects done around the house. So, what should it be?

A. Updating our back-door staircase so it no longer looks like something out of 1960?

B. Tiling the window ledge in our shower so it stops peeling? (I know..I’m not a fan of windows in that area either)

C. Painting an accent wall in our living room to spice things up a bit from the everyday white?

D. Prepping our upstairs attic space for new insulation by pulling down the homemade wood sheeting?

Thoughts? C’mon, speak up people!

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5 thoughts on “Trendsetters…and project of the weekend!

  1. j

    Go for the bathroom. Shows the most immediate need for water damage I’d say. Everything else is just cosmetic.

    Hope you have a great weekend no matter what you decide.

  2. I’d go bathroom, too… bathroom, and then maybe the paint, cause that’s fun.

  3. I’m going to vote for A, that tile, if only because it’s causing me flashbacks! (There was a similar version — only in blue — in our bathroom when we bought This D*mn House.)

  4. The stairs need to go. We had very similar stairs going to the basement in the house I grew up in. I’m w/ Nicole here — FLASHBACKS!!

  5. I enjoyed seeing inside your home; realizing that the links are to other homes making changes – it will be fun to look through those. I must say I have never seen kitchen linoleum on stairs before – though it makes an interesting shot from the photographic point of view.

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