Spreading the Kudos

Wow! Thanks so much for This D*mn House for picking my blog to be honored! I felt all tingly when I saw the mention…and usually that only happens when I’ve been painting for a couple of hours…

So, to pass the honor on- my list of favorites:

House in Progress: The first blog that got me interested in writing about our old house almost a year ago. Their house is what I hope my house will be one day!

Tiny Old House– A fellow small house owner, the progress on Jennifer’s house has been amazing- especially in the last few weeks….She’ll also a familiar commenter- which makes me wonder how she manages to get so many great projects done!

– Tiny Oak Park Bungalow– Love their garden…LOVE it…While I only grow various weeds, their garden is gorgeous.

– One Project Closer– My go-to source on how to fix/do/beautiful my house, in language I can understand. Their expertise on everything from paints to power washers is a great resource, and helps me stay out of too much trouble..

– Cottager’s Wife– I found this blog through One Project Closer, and whenever I read it I feel like I’m on a mini-vacation to the West Coast…The view alone makes me weep in envy…which is a good thing…

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2 thoughts on “Spreading the Kudos

  1. cottagerswife

    Thanks for the mention. I am honoured. And its my birthday so an extra special present. I am off in an hour or so to spend a few days at the cottage -hopefully installing an automatic watering system – if anything is still alive to water- so I will take a few days to consider my picks and then respond when I get back. I see you are having trouble with the image and that is likely to be a problem for me too. I still haven’t had any luck getting Fred’s Before and After Contest logo up. If you solve this problem and would care to offer a step by step…

    Thanks Again! Lisa Rae

  2. It’s a secret. Perhaps involving a teaching/performing job, and summers off. 🙂 Thanks for the mention!

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