Stairway to (Superhero) Heaven*

I was lazy this weekend….so lazy, that the word should have an extra three or four syllables.


I had big plans to get the stairs done- due to the popular vote from a handful of you readers- but then I started to rip up the linoleum…and was quickly derailed.

Did I mention that it’s glued down with some freaky superhero strength adhesive?  A superhero strength adhesive that could not be persuaded to loosen it’s death grip on my stairs? An adhesive made from the sweat of Superman himself?

No?  I neglected that?  Hmm.

Well, let’s just say that in the battle between me and the revenge of the 60’s flooring, the age of free love won out.

This time.

The war is not over though-  I just need to find a new weapon.  The floor’s kryptonite, if you will.

And if that doesn’t work out, I may just have to figure out a way to cover it up, and pretend it’s not mocking me in all it’s burnt orange splendor.

I did get the bathroom window ledge done instead- but do not have any interesting battle stories related to that…And honestly?  The victory over the bathroom seems a bit hollow when I consider what’s waiting for me by the back door.

*while I’m not sure of the exact date my stair linoleum was installed, I’d bet this was playing during the installation process….

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One thought on “Stairway to (Superhero) Heaven*

  1. D

    BIG improvement to the bathroom window sill! You’ve become a pro at tiling!!

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