Run, Run…then run some more.

All home improvement projects are on hold for the weekend as I’m working at a conference for my job- and participating in my first ever 5K run…

I’m a little surprised at that too, honestly.

Now, I know it’s not a marathon…it’s only a 5K, but I’ve never been one for running.  Generally, making myself out of breath for a long period of time is not high on my list of fun things to do.  Though my father and sister have both run for enjoyment, I never really understood the point.  Run?  Why?  Is someone chasing you?

Regardless, I was coerced strongly encouraged to run, so now, 9 training weeks later, I’ll be lacing up the tennis shoes instead of strapping on the tool belt.

Wish me luck.

Even better-those of you with beautiful weather, please send cool breezes and mild sunshine my way.

Those of you with nimble and quick feet, lungs of steel, and sweat glands of iron, please allow me to borrow them to use tomorrow morning.

And those of you who will wake up to a fresh donut and steaming cup of coffee, enjoy an extra one for me.  I’ll be a bit jealous of your relaxed, easy-breathing ways.

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3 thoughts on “Run, Run…then run some more.

  1. Good luck with your run though I never did get jogging either. (Feel the same way about golf. If I want to walk in the park, I’ll walk in the park — not chase a white ball around, hauling a god-awful heavy bag of clubs.)

    Sadly, no donuts or cup of Joe here though I could use both. Don’t envy me too much. I’m going out into high heat and humidity. So, I hope you get GREAT weather. And pace yourself. Jogging is a pretty taxing sport.

  2. Sounds fun… I ran cross country in high school. Did a couple 5K’s, too. Stay cool!

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