When Johnny comes marching home again…

My husband is in the National Guard; two weeks ago was his final weekend Guard drill. 

I’m proud of him because of his commitment to the service and to his deployment a few years ago, but I’m also relieved that the 6 years of “one weekend a month/two weeks a year” were up.  (Not to mention the back-of-the-mind worry that he’d be redeployed). 

It’s bittersweet though because while I’m celebrating having him home more often, I know he’s going to miss the camaraderie and doing a job he loves.

And unfortunately, there’s not really a middle ground for this one…

Happy Love Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “When Johnny comes marching home again…

  1. I so understand! My hubby just retired from the Navy Reserves after 20 years. Whew!

    Saw your link on SHutter Sisters. Love the picture. It’s adorable!

  2. What a funny shot. Glad, for you, that he’s home 🙂

  3. j

    Your husband has a very big black nose, heavy eye makeup- and if I’m not correct, his arms shrunk also! We are very glad he’s home too. 🙂

  4. Susan

    I would just like to thank you and your husband for the sacrifices that you have made for all of us. Glad that he will now be home.


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