A shock, a boost, or something else totally?

It seem like summer is starting its slow descent into fall around our house- we’re slowly waking up to the realization that our September vacation is less than two months away, my summer flowers are starting to die out as the late blooming weeds are trying to take control, and I’ve got projects at work that have due dates around January…

I know there’s at least a month of good weather yet, but I’m starting to feel the pressure to get some of those outstanding summer projects complete- and if the budget is a bit too tight- at least one of the major projects done.  So which one?

Choice #1. Electricity-  The kitchen took most of our effort this spring, and now we just need to finish up by running power from our new outlets to the breaker, and running a couple extra outlets to existing circuits.  Not a tough project, but not crucial in using the the kitchen either.  Though it would be nice not to have to run down to the basement to microwave things, the kitchen has been 100% more useful than it had six months ago.


Choice #2. Mud-jacking-  It rained a lot this spring.  A lot. Last fall, we noticed one of the brick columns of our porch was leaning just a touch to the left.  If I didn’t point it out, the average passerby would have never noticed it.  It was in no danger of pulling away from the house, but with the additional rain, the lean has become a more pronounced tilt.  And, while purely cosmetic (the column is non-load bearing), I’m not fond of having the leaning tower of Milwaukee off the side of my porch.


Grab bag Choice #3- This and that- including the back staircase, the porch board replacement, and fun with attic insulation.  (All of my least favorites- but all tools and supplies are here and waiting for us.)

So, which to do?  Finally have the electricity run, prop up the porch by mud-jacking it or the odds and ends that keep piling up?  Keep in mind that all three will be completed before the snow starts to fly (with any luck)-  but which should be the first one to be completed?

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3 thoughts on “A shock, a boost, or something else totally?

  1. D

    Electricity in kitchen first. Finish that one so it’s complete. It may be a small thing but being able to cross that Major job off the list completely is a big step.

    Second, Fix the column BEFORE the frost sets in. The frost will prevent it from being done and when the frost comes out next spring things will only get worse.

    Insulation third. Wait for it to cool down before doing that one. However, remember that insulation will pay for itself in heat bill savings.

    Just my opinion..

  2. cotterpinhouse

    I vote for kitchen electricity… I don’t like microwaving my frozen burritos in the basement.
    Love, M.

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