How much tiramisu would that buy me?

Remember my post last week about choices? Specifically, which project to take on next? C’mon, there were only two posts last week…and one was just a picture for Love Thursday…

Yeah, that one.

We’ve decided that we can’t decide.

See, the vote is split evenly, and Stella is lousy at flipping quarters to break the tie. SO, we’ve called for estimates on both major projects and are pretending the third option was never included in the first place.


One of the electricians comes tonight, one of the mud-jacking reps is probably tromping around my yard as I write this, and the rest of the bunch will talk to us in the next few days.

Then, depending on the cheapestbest quote, that project will have the honor of being crossed off the never-ending list of home improvement “ideas” I pester M with.

Now, some might say that it’s worth it to spend a little bit more to ensure a quality job is done, or to even accomplish both projects before the end of summer… And I would normally agree- but those people probably don’t realize I have a separate dessert budget for our visit to Italy next month, and well, I have my priorities…And really, what’s more important? A little electricity, a straight column, or a bowl of gelato big enough to swim in?

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One thought on “How much tiramisu would that buy me?

  1. D

    I don’t want to encourage bad behavior, but,
    perhaps you’ve overlooked another option.
    Wait until you’re back and see how much $ you’ve got left. Then make a decision.

    You know, I’m sure you’re going to find some Tiramisu flavored Gelato somewhere in Italy.


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