Really? Wednesday already?

How the heck did that happen?

Ok, I KNOW how it happened, but, wow, the last few days went by fast.

Did you ever wake up thinking it was Friday, get all excited, start planning your weekend events, and realize it was only Thursday?  Bummer, right?  Now just reverse that and add a dash of anxiety.

The last few days I’ve waking up thinking it’s Monday.*  Each morning I wake up, thinking it’s Monday, and trying to organize what I need to get done in the next two weeks before we take off for the Labor Day weekend.  Then, holy crap, I realize that it’s Wednesday and Labor Day is less than a week and a half away.  

I’m not sure why my internal clock is off the last few days…maybe cause we had guests this weekend and they’re lucky enough not to have to go back to work?  Maybe cause summer is quickly leaving the building, and I still need a vacation from the grinding work week?  Maybe cause I haven’t been on a weekend renovation jag in the last two months and all reno bones in my body have yet to adjust to the lack of work? 

Not so sure- but I would have thought getting the garbage disposal installed (with help of the above house guests (Thanks again!)) would have at least addressed that last one…

The clincher of the whole thing?  After the momentary anxiety ebbs away, I’m not sure exactly what it is that needs to get done…I know it’s something.  Something big…and probably house related…but I can’t pinpoint it.

Electricity…well, yessss, but that’s not it…

Mud-jacking…again, yes, but not quite…

Renovating the attic….hmm, close, but not until this fall…

Going slightly insane from being completely out-of-sync with the calendar…already taken care of.

It’ll come to me…probably tomorrow when I wake up thinking it’s Tuesday.


*Have I mentioned that Mondays and I don’t get along?  We’re kind of twin toddlers about an hour after the designated nap-time who have been told that only one of us gets an ice cream cone-and we have to fight it out- winner takes all…

It’s ugly is what I’m saying…

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2 thoughts on “Really? Wednesday already?

  1. D

    Two things,
    first, it’s Love Thursday and probably due to the brain fade you haven’t posted a great picture.
    second, maybe you need to just chill, let the mind process get back in sync, and the juices flow again.

  2. I SO relate to this. When I returned to work last Friday, I had myself convinced it was Monday! Even told several folks in teh blogosphere that they had been very busy posting “over the weekend” which had actually been Tuesday to Thursday.

    I think it’s dust blocking brain cells from too many house projects …

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