Runner’s High

Every other morning, I get up and run.  I don’t run very fast.  Or very far.  Or for very long.

In fact, unlike a lot of runners I know, I don’t love it.  Sure, running helps me quiet the thoughts rambling around in my brain, but I never get that “high” I hear so much about.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong…

Instead, I seem to be counting down the minutes to when I’m done, because then I can sit down on my porch in the early morning air, and watch the bumblebees going about their business in my garden- even this late in the summer.  That little bit of calm before I start my day.  That’s what I’ve found I love about running- the quiet after.

Happy Love Thursday!

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3 thoughts on “Runner’s High

  1. I’ve just started running myself, and I think I know what you mean. The actual running part is a bit miserable right now (although I know it will get a little better as I get in shape) but the feeling after is so nice–all tired and content and acomplished….

  2. Hi! I found your blog through shutter sisters. While I love running, I know what you mean about the quiet after. You can STOP moving and rest, and watch the world go on around you. I love to breath it in deeply. Great blog! 🙂

  3. not far and not fast are OK as you stated it is the process and the bliss afterward! My kness will only bear walking but that i do with my 10 year old dog! do you run in the winter?

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