Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: Old Lists

I had given up on the listmaking- in part because of the inherent frustration I have in sticking to the list, crossing items off the list, and eventually, remaking the list that mysteriously seems to disappear as soon as I cross off the first item. 

But, in light of the annual celebration of my birth, I thought it would be nice to amend my list of “20 before 30” list from last year.  And, now that I have only 365 days to complete the rest of the items, I’m wondering if maybe I should have made it “20 before 40″…

1. Go to London to see the Globe Theater- and oh yeah, the Tower of London, and that other stuff. Will be done in 3 weeks!

2. Start/Finish writing a novel- it doesn’t even have to be good, just as long as I finish it.

3. Have this blog reach the 100,000 hits mark. (I’d even settle for 50,000- so pass it on to all your friends…).

4.Finish renovating the bathroom- it’s sooo within reach, I just have to muster the will to do it…Done this summer!

5. Find a cause I’m passionate about, and volunteer to help.

6. Rent a beach house for a week with my family and do nothing but play in the sand and the ocean. No email. No voicemail. No Internet. Nothing.

7. Take an art class. I always think I will when those seasonal catalogues come out- but never do…

8. Learn how to make my own tiramisu, so I don’t have go to an Italian restaurant to get it (unless I want to of course). Done- Christmas 2007

9. Learn how to say more than just “Let me through- I’ve found my passport.” in Italian. Done this summer- Now I can have a kindergartner’s conversation with most Italians!

10. Join a professional organization and improve my schmoozing (I mean “networking”) skills.

11. Acquire enough closet space to be able to find every article of clothing I own within a few minutes. Sorry, M, your closet space might be affected in achieving this goal…

12. Have my photos published/purchased by a complete stranger. Completed 9-28

13. Eat healthier, exercise more, and stop stressing about the small stuff.  Partially done– still working on the stress thing

14. Learn to harness my road rage for good, not evil.

15.Complete a sudoku puzzle before A grabs it out of my hands and finishes it for me.

16. Learn to ski- even if it’s just down the bunny hill.

17. Eat “lobsta” in Maine, king crab legs in Alaska, or drink a mint julep at the Kentucky derby.

18. Invent my own easy mixed drink- for when company comes over- or just when I come home from work.

19. Learn one “fool-proof” joke that’s appropriate for all occasions. Done July 2008

20. Do something spontaneous for my 30th birthday- whether it’s skydiving, bungee jumping, hang-gliding, or just putting all the money in my wallet on one hand of blackjack in Vegas.

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One thought on “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: Old Lists

  1. Dad

    want to hear that joke!
    The Italian will be a LOT better in about a month. Just don’t try that too hard either, just let you ear adjust and you’ll pick up a lot.

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