Looking for my lost head…

With multiple house projects still hanging out there, major vacations to prep for and coming up quickly, work deadlines, and winter bearing down on us- finding focus on any one thing seems tough…it’s like I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off…Have I mentioned that I tend to procrastinate?  As in, I’m a procrastination queen?

I just need one of those personal organizers- but I’d probably lose that too.

Any suggestions on how to focus on one thing?   (You know, other than doing the hard work of focusing on one thing?)

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2 thoughts on “Looking for my lost head…

  1. Hiveminder. It solved my “We need to do this, but first we need to do this, and this, and this,” issue. And it hides (unless you go looking) the stuff you can’t do yet, so the to-do list isn’t overwhelming.

    Well, *as* overwhelming.

  2. I’m never sure. Right now I am desperately trying to get our house ready for winter… with the siding tear down, I have lots of holes to patch, and it’s sort of scary!

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