Project of the weekend

Ok…I didn’t say it was a house project…but it does help dress up my arm…

AND it was a “do-it-yourselfer” –  I have the little threads and fabric bits to prove it.

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3 thoughts on “Project of the weekend

  1. j

    That looks great! Good job. How hard was it to put in the zipper? Hope you enjoyed making it. Much easier with a machine than by hand!

  2. very nice! Now…a few questions.

    1. Can the straps be made longer?
    2. Can the body of the purse be made bigger? Maybe just mirror the top half for a bottom half? I have way too much stuff for this bag as-is.
    3. What fabrics swatches are you using this season?

    It’s not easy being a handbag designer. Just ask Paris Hilton.

  3. D

    You know I’m not much of a purse connoisseur, but I do appreciate how well you’ve used the pattern in the fabric to dress up the purse. I like symmetry!
    It looks professional to me. Well done!
    I think it’s time to expand your ‘hand made’ website offerings!

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