A million and one things to do…

and none of them have to do with the house…

We’re about to fly off on our grand tour of Europe (also known as GTE-which makes it sound like a car lubricant, but I digress).  And while I’m THRILLED about the trip- I also recognize the dollar’s weakness in Europe, and that the money we’re spending could be used on…want to guess?

Oh, the house?  Yeah, the house.

To which makes me debate- what is more important?  Fixing up the house?  Or taking a GTE?

Pros to Fixing the House

  • The house will gain some value by improvements- maybe not what we spend on the improvement, but something in this horrible home market.
  • We can increase the usable floor space and storage space (specifically with our attic conversion)
  • TWO bathrooms!!!!  Um…not that I don’t love sharing a 24″ bathroom sink with my husband as we get ready in the mornings for work…Cause I DO!  The elbows in the face don’t bother me at all! (love you honey)
  • Maybe, eventually, we’ll be done!  All projects will be complete!  (Which means it will be time to move to a new house- or start the process all over again.)

Pros to GTE

  • It’s Europe!  London, Munich, Venice, Rome!  Europe!  Have I mentioned that it’s EUROPE?
  • Exposure to multiple types of architecture may inspire better additions to our home (I know, it’s a stretch)
  • I haven’t had a true vacation since Christmas last year…which as I write that, makes me sound a bit spoiled, no?
  • I get to learn about a new culture, practice a new language, and enjoy the amazing cuisine…and if I don’t care for the cuisine, I get to eat gelato!
  • I can track down Michaelangelo’s muse to inspire my photography- or at least have some rocking pictures to hang up in the aforementioned house.

Ok, so I’m not going to give up the GTE (it won by one bullet point anyway)- but do still feel a little bit of guilt over the trip.  I guess I’ll just have to drown it in Oktoberfest beer and Venetian tiramisu…

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One thought on “A million and one things to do…

  1. Dad

    There’s a famous quote that goes “don’t tell me how much schooling you’ve had, tell me where you’ve been.” Bullet point for Europe.

    You will never be any younger, any more energetic, or any more able to recover from too little sleep, and too much German beer than you are right now.
    Bullet point Europe.

    House projects will still be there, slow and steady wins that race.
    Bullet point Europe.

    Guess you know where I stand…


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