Shorty, short, short

Way too much going on right now- travel, weddings, more travel, and then some more travel, parties, guests, birthdays, photo shoots- so I’ve neglected to blog about my undying passion/hatred known as home renovation as much as I should, and relied heavily on the pictures…I hope you don’t mind so much.

And if you do?  Well…forgive me and I’ll give you a cookie the next time we meet up, k?

So, in a nutshell- not much progress on the house…lots of progress on other important things, like life outside the house.  We do have other projects planned- but it will be awhile before we tackle those (insert empty-pockets/sad eyes here).  Like next spring.

Until then though:

Short term- (like as in tonight) I’m taking my sister’s engagement pictures (yay!!! Weddings!!!) 

Longer Term- Helping to put together an engagement party feast while hosting some of my favorite people.

Longest term- More travel for the holidays!  Yay long car rides!


PS- For those that asked, the Shakespeare quote from last week is a stick-on transfer (I know!  Cool, right?) that I got at Kohl’s in Nashville.  Not sure if the product is in other Kohl’s home furnishings areas, but you never know…

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One thought on “Shorty, short, short

  1. Congratulations on your sister’s engagement. Have fun with the party!

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