Driven to Distraction

The last few weeks, I’ve been distracted.

Distracted by the lack of time to prepare adequately for the holidays.  Distracted by work.  Distracted by end of the year budgets, and beginning of the year projects.  Distracted by my hair, and now lack of hair.  Distracted by the snow, ice and wind.

I’m not sure if it’s because the days are so much shorter now- but the last thing I have on my mind as I struggle to fit one more thing into my schedule, is home renovation.

Sure, we have projects on the list.  But are we going to get to them anytime in the next month?

Ha, ha ha- you’re funny…No way.

We’ll lucky we keep up on shoveling the front walk at this point.

Is anyone else out there dealing with this right now?  What’s your solution for fitting in that odd job around the house?  Does this, gasp, mean I’m done as a home renovator?

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2 thoughts on “Driven to Distraction

  1. d

    you’re not done, just a little side tracked for a while.
    here’s a fact of life; you will NEVER be done as a home renovator,
    it’s in the blood. new house, old house, doesn’t matter.
    it’s a good thing.

  2. Echo that! Unless it’s something extremely tedious, involving precise measurement, or concentrated use of power tools, doing things around the house has helped me to at least temporarily escape some of the other distractions you describe!

    That, and Christmas cards. Now I’m realizing why my stack of cards this year is about a foot tall.

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