A New Addition

So when considering my last post, I realized part of my distraction is probably just part of my personality.  As a kid, I would get big ideas (BIG IDEAS!) like designing elaborate Halloween costumes in August, and somehow, by the time October showed up, I was always scrambling to find some ragged clothes or face-paint to go as a zombie.

Lately though, the distraction has been a little bit different- and more justified.  We’re getting ready- mentally at this point- for a new addition to the house in June.  

An addition about the size and shape of a tiny, howling, cooing baby.   

Our current baby is furry and walks on four paws, so the change is going to be on the extreme side, but we’re excited…or, more accurately, M is excited and I waver between excitement, fear, anxiety, joy, and thoughts of “Oh. My. God.” 

It’s still sinking in- and again, a prime reason for the distraction.  Distraction while I’m at work, while I sleep, while I’m watching television, while I try not to throw up… 

And knowing my personality, it’s also probably a good thing that this isn’t a project that will fade off into the night, like my old Halloween costumes…though I have a feeling I will be seeing much more of the night in about six months.

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5 thoughts on “A New Addition

  1. I think the way you announced it is just fine — although you could have gone the Dooce route and balanced the positive test on Stella’s nose…

  2. j

    What test is that? I don’t think Stella would have liked it though. I’ve heard of the wrist test and the pencil test, but the Dooce route? Never heard of it. Good thing for you June is a l-o-n-g way away-time to adjust to the idea! I personally think it’s wonderful!

  3. Well, congratulations! That is exciting.

  4. d

    the good news about a June baby.
    it will be warm in the house for those 2am feedings. No having to bundle yourself and the baby up just to keep from freezing.
    the sun comes up early, so if there’s a 4:30 am feeding, the sun will be starting to come up, that makes it feel like you were able to sleep a little longer.
    And, please, no ragged costumes and face paint for the baby, I know that you, like me, have a tendency for ideas to never really die, they just get transferred from one project to another.

  5. What wonderful news. Congrats!

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