Fence me in…

One of my common rants about Wisconsin is the weather…specifically the winter weather.  The cold, the snow, the ice.  Have I mentioned the snow and the cold and the ice?  A common joke is that Wisconsin only has two seasons- winter, and road construction…

But my new reason to hate winter?

Snow-blower thieves!

Now, our snow-blower wasn’t exactly working at this moment in time- so HA HA to those jerks- but still in principle, not a cool thing to do.

Our backyard is fenced in- by a lovely chain-link fence which I hate with the fire of a thousand suns.  Ironic in the land of ice and snow, huh? Luckily in the summer we have so many plants/bushes/trees, you can barely even see the fence…in the winter though, bleh.  Ugly industrial bleh.  I’ve been wanting to replace it with a more attractive option since we moved in, but other more important projects took up our spare time and loose change.  And that’s exactly where the scoundrels wanted us.

We’ve had quite a bit of snow this year (not as much as last year, THANK GOD), so because the snow-blower wasn’t working, we stored it in a small shed in the back of our yard, near our alley.  This weekend, when my parents were nice enough to come up, and offered to try to get it running, it was gone.  Someone (or someones) had let themselves into our yard through our puny chain link fence and helped themselves to the blower.

Only then did M remember about hearing about snow-blower thieves stealing poor defenseless snow-blowers for parts in the city…


So, take a wild guess the number one thing on my list to get installed this spring?

If you guessed a tall secure fence you CAN’T SEE THROUGH, you get a gold star for the day.

I hope all the parts they got off our snow-blower were rusted through…

and they got their hands grimy trying to dismantle it…


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2 thoughts on “Fence me in…

  1. Oooh! And maybe they might have to endure a few of those tiny, tiny cuts (kind of like paper cuts) that are so small but hurt as if it’s an amputation! It would serve ’em right.

    Sorry to hear about the thievery. People just need to leave other people’s stuff alone. I guess they either never heard that in kindergarten or it just didn’t stick. 🙂

    I’m with you on the weather. (and I love your two seasons.) We’re supposedly in for a warm weekend, but it can’t last. Which kind of sucks after once again becoming accustomed to the cold. (So much so that 32 felt GOOD today.)

  2. It’s going to be 60 degrees today, so I’ve heard! I want to open all the windows, but there are too many!!!

    I’ve been reading your posts for a long time now. Very inspiring! You are great at photography too!

    I’ve decided to start a blog myself. Never have done it before, but we bought a 1927 bungalow here in Milwaukee and I’d like to try it. It needs tons of work and we’ve been working on it non-stop. We had the floors refinished, and most of the dining room, living room and sun-room done, as well as the bedroom on the first floor which we turned into a den. Our master bedroom, (kind of crampy)….is finally painted. The bathroom still needs work and we’re going to start on the kitchen now. It’s great to get inspiration from your blog.

    Take Care!!!

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