Love it….and feeling a bit too secure.

Does anyone have an extra $650 they could “loan” me?

In other news, the new lock we put on our garage to discourage random thievery proved to be extremely effective…

Our garage is detached from the house, and a new lock was needed as the old lock had disintegrated from 50 years of use….Unfortunately, the new lock was just a bit too sturdy.

I was on my way to work (maybe a little bit late- but as there were no witnesses, who’s to say?), and it was raining (why do things tend to go wonky when you have to stand out in the rain?).  But, though I had no issues with it the day before, the key wouldn’t turn, the door wouldn’t open, and my increasingly agitated banging on it with my hip, and jiggling the key in the lock, didn’t phase it at all…

I decided to switch to hammer. You know, just to scare it a little.  Maybe it was just stuck and needed some gentle persuasion.

I think the lock smirked a bit at me at that point.  No hammer was going to intimidate that lock.

I then decided on a larger hammer.  And a rubber mallet for backup.

The lock didn’t smirk that time, instead the key mechanism turned tail and fled- breaking into random metal parts, while the lock remained firmly in place.

So…I was outside in the rain, banging on a door with a hammer at 8am, while my car was securely trapped inside.

Did I mention that our only garage door opener was inside my car?

Yeah…rough morning.

Anyway, the door was pretty old- like the original lock-set- and it finally occurred to me to try and tap out one of the recessed panels next to the door lock.

Two swings and it popped out, letting me reach in and hit the garage door.

So now, we have a lovely old door with a newly formed window…

It’s boarded up now but something else to add to the list for fixing this weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Love it….and feeling a bit too secure.

  1. Your car fits in your GARAGE? Your GARAGE has a CAR in it? That would be inconceivable over here!

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