Land War in Asia- or my stomach…

So, this is not really a house renovation entry- and honestly, with everything else going on, the renovation entries might be a bit more sparse over the coming months.  If you’re reading this blog for that content- I heartily apologize and recommend skipping this post and coming back in a day or two when I start getting into our attic renovation…


I had my sixth month doctor’s appointment today for the baby- and it was the usual.  Pee in a cup.  Stand on a scale with an embarrassingly large weight read-out.  Wait about 30 minutes to talk to the doctor for 5 minutes.

Things are looking healthy- and the doctor said my ultrasound scans look good.  The only glitch was my doctor’s face when I told her the sex.  A squishy-notsosure-grimace flashed across her face when I said the technician gave an 80% certainty about the sex.

Of course, when I asked if that was bad, her response was “Well…Take it for what it is- 80%.”

Gee, thanks.

So, there are two sides to this coin…If I were in Vegas and given 80% odds that I would win, I would be mortgaging my house.  But if  I also feel that if I was told there was a 80% chance my drink was poison-free, I would probably die of thirst.

And while I’m itching to know 100% what the sex of the baby is- I’m also keeping all the “my sister’s friend’s cousin had the exact opposite of what they told her!” stories in the back of my mind…

Gender neutral it is!

Thoughts?  Or maybe just the thought that I’m over thinking it?

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6 thoughts on “Land War in Asia- or my stomach…

  1. Have you seen the ultrasound? (sorry if you have posted it before, this is the first time for me here) If you were told it is a boy, and you’ve seen, his, erm, goods, it is pretty easy to make the call. Obviously saying with certainty that it is a girl is much more difficult.

  2. We have- the baby was being modest…the tech couldn’t get a good picture of the goods (or lack thereof)!

  3. Robin

    Hmm I’m not baby expert but I’d just make the room gender neutral as possible and keep receipts for everything that is gender specific.

  4. My coworker was told it was a girl… she’s due in 2 weeks and has received more pink clothing than she knows what to do with. She’s REALLY hoping it’s still a girl!

  5. d

    you know, as unbelievable as it may seem, I think you may have the same power as your Mom when it comes to determining the sex of the baby.
    maybe not…
    either way, I can’t wait to hold the little booger..(sorry, a little southern there)
    just stay well and keep feeding ‘blueberry’.

  6. I’ve only known one person who ever got it wrong — and that was way back when you needed a laser pointer to identify the baby! (And even then, you had doubts!)

    A co-worker at one of my part-time college jobs was told she was having a boy. They went ALL BOY, even personalizing name items.

    Out popped a girl.

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