Totally Random…yet connected.

As close friends and relatives have heard recently, I’m hungry.

Always and forever hungry.

I eat breakfast/lunch/dinner, and half an hour later?

Ravenously hungry.

I swear, I’m either giving birth to Godzilla (who will then take out half of Milwaukee) or a full-grown construction worker (who would then help finish up our random projects around the house during his/her coffee breaks). 

Needless to say, I’m also starting to feel rather large.  The belly is unavoidable- I’m 90% into maternity clothes now- and I’m starting to have difficulty getting myself off the couch without a symphony of grunts and groans.

That being said, a nice young man knocked on our door last night right after we had gotten home.   I opened the door, noticed his clipboard, and realized immediately that he was trying to sell something.  Normally I’d have the dog attack him or wave my shotgun at him or something, but he was just a pimply faced teenager, so I let him start his spiel…

“Good evening…Are your parents home?”

I really had to bite my lip to not laugh out loud.

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One thought on “Totally Random…yet connected.

  1. d

    you should have said, “I think so but it’s a little bit of a drive for you tonight…”

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