A Hands-Off Renovation

At least for me.  M has been up to his eyebrows in insulation and drywall for about a week now.

On the whole though, it appears as though the attic renovation is going smoothly.  We recruited M’s brother, nephew, and friend for the bulk of the work this past Saturday to get the insulation installed (extremely interesting pic of that below) and most of the drywall put up.  They did a great job (thanks guys!) and the attic is now starting to look like an actual bedroom.

The tough part?

Me having to sit downstairs while various power tool noises, clunking, and discussions of which drywall screw size would work best, raged over my head.

Now, I get that I should be taking it easy- and that pregnancy and fiberglass don’t mix…but this is the very first house project that I haven’t been involved in completely- muscle/brain power included.

It felt a bit odd.  Nice…Lazy… but odd.

This must be what people who can afford to pay actual contractors feel like.

So, how did I cope?

I made myself useful by finding the best light fixtures ever online.  At least I’ll be involved in the design portion of the renovation, right?

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4 thoughts on “A Hands-Off Renovation

  1. Abby

    Sooo, can we see the fixtures?

  2. Yeah — what she said!

    And enjoy it while it lasts, this remodeling respite of yours. 🙂

  3. d

    “They also serve who sit and wait.” Not my quote but it applies.
    Besides, all good jobs need an ‘idea person’ who has the big picture, that’s YOU.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  4. j

    So-again-where are the fixtures and where do you get them from?

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