The Fixtures- As Requested

First, an explanation-

As you can see in the last post, our new ceilings are going to be at an angle-and consequently wreaking havoc on any lighting we want to install.   You can pick out the blue electrical box in the right side of the photo in my last post (it’s a bit like Where’s Waldo- but you get the idea).  So what kind of lighting can you install for two of those boxes? 

  • Flush-mount?   The angle may allow it to work- but it would be a bit tricky to get one that doesn’t look out of place and doesn’t accentuate the angle of the ceiling.
  • Pendant?  That’s an option that I like-  unfortunately the pendant would have to be very short so we don’t walk into it every day, and honestly might not give off enough light for the space.  Most of the pendants we found are either kitchen table huge or tiny accent lights…neither which worked for us for a bedroom.
  • Canister?  A good idea, but the rafters to roof area is pretty shallow- and again, we’d need more (a lot more) electrical boxes to fill the space with light.  While I love a good accent light, it’s probably not the best idea for getting dressed in the morning.
  • Track lights?  Another option- but not really my style- or the style of the house.
  • Sconces?  A possibility, but because it would be so close to the peak of the ceiling, a bit strange looking.

So, what to do?  How about a combo of a flush-mount, pendant, and sconce?  Maybe something that can have the lighting angle adjusted?  Something that directs the light down and out?  Oh, and while we’re at it, something a bit “classic” looking without costing an arm and a leg?

Maybe I just am a glutton for punishment…

Two internet search hours later?  Success!

Available (but now on backorder) at Restoration Hardware.  It’s definitely got an industrial edge to the design- it reminds me a bit of an old work light my dad had by his tool bench- which I kind of like.  It also reminds me though of the beach- which I really like.  We actually saw something very similar at restaurant in Door County a few weekends ago- in a converted firehouse of all things!

Most of all though, it’s adjustable!  Any angle I want- I got! 

Ok, go-  Opinions?  I’m always open to better suggestions!

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3 thoughts on “The Fixtures- As Requested

  1. I like it! Reminds me of a light you might find in an old railroad station.

  2. d

    They fit the house and your style. I say go with those..
    I had forgotten the light above the work bench..getting old! LOL

  3. Abby

    It does look like dad’s trouble light. Good call. 🙂

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