Peter ‘The Killer’ Cottontail

Oh sure…he’s cute.  He’s fluffy.  He’s a national symbol of spring.

He’s also a flower killing machine.

Finally (FINALLY) it was warm enough to get a little work done in the yard-  work that was long overdue because of the snow we were hit with before I could finish the yard prep last fall- and what do I discover?

Garden carnage.

The Japanese maple we planted last September?  Chewed down to nubs.

The hydrangea that just bloomed last year for the first time?  Chewed down to nubs.

My beautiful crimson clematis? You guessed it…chewed down to nubs.

At least the weather was nice.

I hope the little monster enjoyed the feast.   Next year, I’ll know better!

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2 thoughts on “Peter ‘The Killer’ Cottontail

  1. j

    This looks like a job for Sierra. She’ll know what to do. When would you like me to bring her up?

    It will all grow back, but you’ll have to protect your plants until they get some more growth, or it will all be gone again. New shoots are their favorite thing for snacking.

  2. Oh yeah, they’re cute but I have no mercy for these little vermin. It kills me because my garden looks like crap until about half-way through the summer when the vegetation finally out-grows their eating habits.

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