Exactly what I want imprinted on my retinas.

12 weeks, and 2 days.

Let me repeat that.

12 weeks, and 2 days until my due date.   

I know, right?  Crazy…Wonderful…Scary…Unbelievable-type of insanity.

While the kicking,  the bathroom trips, and the belly certainly feel real enough, the whole experience still feels a bit unreal.  Maybe our “official” birthing class on Friday and Saturday will help with that.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the classes- I’ve only heard about them from my pregnant co-workers.  From what I could gather after the smug smiles and furtive looks,  a nurse will spend the majority of the time talking about the hospital, the labor process, the drugs available to keep you from screaming too loudly…

And then they show the horrific scientifically-accurate video of childbirth.

You know…the one you’ve been trying to forget from high school health class?  But with ten times more detail?

Yeah, that one.

While I believe that childbirth is an amazing process- I also feel I don’t need to see all the fluids that go along with it.  I’ll be dealing with my own fluids- I’m good with that. 

Do they feel that it’s too late for any kind of illusion for us pregnant women at this point?  Might as well shock the innocence out of us BEFORE the baby gets here?

Wish us luck.

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One thought on “Exactly what I want imprinted on my retinas.

  1. d

    never mind the imprint on your retinas, it’s the video recorder in you mind that you have to deal with. your eyes forget, your mind..never!
    that said, remember “thinking about it is worse than doing it.” Heard that one before??

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