Baby, baby…

I might be clueless on the whole “parenting” thing- but now that I’m solidly in my third trimester, I’ve feel I might have learned a thing or two about pregnancy.*

1. It’s going to get harder before it gets easier.

2. A person CAN live on mac and cheese for three months without dying of scurvy.

3. Waddling and high heels don’t mix.

4. Shoes become much more important when you can’t fit into 98% of the clothes you current own, or would like to own in the near future.

5. Sleeping on your stomach is a luxury that should never be taken for granted.

6. As is the ability to roll over in bed without waking up your significant other, and the tri-county area, for the 50th time.

7. Foods you never thought you’d like suddenly can become the one thing you MUST EAT RIGHTNOWNUMNUMNUM.

8. Elastic-waist bands are fun everyone can enjoy!

9. As your stomach gets bigger, the bladder gets proportionally smaller.

10. Everyone else who has been in your shoes before, or will be after, was probably scared a little too…but that’s no reason to shake your significant other by the lapels and hiss during your childbirth class “I don’t think we thought this through…”

Um…Not that I’ve done that.

*obviously these are the lessons I’ve learned- if your pregnancy has been tougher, or easier- I’m very sorry/happy for you…

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4 thoughts on “Baby, baby…

  1. this post scares me. just a little.

    …but I’m still excited to meet her!

  2. j


  3. Not sure I’m up to it… I do love sleeping on my tummy!

    Good luck!

  4. The waking-everyone-while-rolling-over phenomenon is an evolutionary adaptation to prepare you and your significant other for the fact that you’ll never get another good night’s sleep…ever.

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