No news is…no news…

It’s been a few days since I posted.  No, we haven’t had the baby (not that anybody has asked), and no, we haven’t been working on the house…

What have we been doing?

Um…you know…important stuff.   Really important stuff that involves the television and finding a comfy spot on the couch…

Ok, that’s not entirely true- we did go to St. Louis this past weekend for my brother-in-laws birthday (Happy B-day again, btw!).

And I cursed out the snowstorm that happened over the weekend- and the extra snow we’re suppose to get this upcoming weekend.

And I did some online shopping for maternity clothes.  Then cursed out the maternity stores that think that 32″ inseams are “long”.  I’m quickly realizing that my comfy winter clothes that hide my stomach the mountain will not make the cut once we actually get some warm weather.  Probably some time next week if irony has anything to say about it.

Oh, and did I mention? The baby is now A WEEK AND A HALF AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.  Which means either: A) Godzilla baby will be trying to find the nearest exit on my due date, or B) We now only have 10 weeks to finish up our renovation before the invasion of the little one.   Yup, ten weeks.  

Nope, we haven’t decorated the baby’s room yet- except for the crib sitting in the middle of the floor.  That counts right?

I know, you totally wish you were me.

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2 thoughts on “No news is…no news…

  1. d

    If I recall the last couple of weeks of a pregnancy, the soon to be mother would do ANYTHING to get that baby out of there!
    While it may seem like rushing, in another month any movement toward an earlier due date will be a welcome one.
    (of course, consider that I was only a bystander).
    Personally I think that Godzilla should go to the bottom of the baby name list.
    What do you call them for short?

  2. j

    It will all work out.–Life’s funny that way. I have to agree though,-I don’t like the name Godzilla, although I suppose you could call her Zilla. God wouldn’t work.

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