Baby Steps

After a weekend of taping, mudding, and stud installation, the attic kinda looks like room.  M is a little less perky about the progress we’ve made- but even he has to agree that’s it’s come a long way from where it was.

Sure, you have to be a bit imaginative, ignoring the various construction materials and drywall dust coating everything like snow, but I can almost sortof definitely see what it’ll look like once our bedroom set is moved in permanently.  Pictures are coming, sanding the seams just comes first.

Otherwise, things are plodding along.  The main question I’ve been getting lately is if the baby’s room is ready.

I inwardly laugh a little at that one.

Um…well, see, my dear husband and I?  Yeah…we were deluded that we could both renovate the attic space AND get a room ready for a small human.  While the crib HAS been put together, and even has sheets (I KNOW- WE’RE AWESOME), that’s pretty much it.  Not that the baby probably cares a whole lot about more than that- to which I’m eternally grateful.  Let’s just hope that the baby is comfy in her current room at the Casa de Me for awhile, shall we?

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4 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Hi, there 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading through your posts some tonight 🙂 Congrats on the upcoming baby! You know, the little one won’t mind a bit if the room is done to the nines. You could even have the crib in with you for the first little while when Baby is still up to eat throughout the night, right?

    Looking forward to seeing some pics of your progress!


  2. Good thing babies don’t really need anything but the crib for furniture! Everything else is for your comfort and ease. Good luck getting it all done!

  3. d

    I get the impression that the babys rooms at “Casa de Me” is getting a little cramped, all that stretching and kicking.
    Kind of like a small bunk on a night train to Venice, lots of motion, noises, and a schedule thats not all to your liking, no wonder the baby wants to stretch their legs and get out of that little sleeping car…

  4. I’ve heard stories of babies that peacefully slept in sock drawers the first few months … 🙂

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