Sugar shock

Cheesecake slices eaten in the last 72 hours: 2

Cinnamon rolls eaten in the last 72 hours: 2

Chocolate eggs eaten in the last 72 hours: 3

Assorted other candy eaten in the last 72 hours:  um…can I plead the fifth?

Full-sugar full-calorie sodas downed in the last 72 hours: 5 

Jelly beans eaten in the last 72 hours: about 5 billion

Total weight gain at my 30 week check-up?  One pound LOST.

How is that even possible?

I’ve been cowering in fear of the scale ever since my appetite came back in my second trimester (and GOOD GOD did my appetite come back)-  regularly gaining between 2-4 MORE pounds than I needed to each month…

My family thought that would be the right opportunity to make sly comments about twins.

Comments I did not find as humorous as they did.

But now? Now I lose a pound in the face of a basketful of candy and some of the best food my mom makes.

Pregnancy is crazy.

Everything else is still looking good- I’m still measuring about a week and a half early, but <shrugs> who cares?  I lost a pound!  All is right with the world.

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One thought on “Sugar shock

  1. d

    you forgot to list lasagna..and garlic bread.
    take it as a gift from your Moms genes, and from Grandpa Glenn!

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