File Under Random

Random woman, after I get into the elevator: …So…You’ll get the summer off, huh?

Me:  Um..Yeah.

Random woman:  I wish I got the summer off.

Me: …

Random woman:  My sister is pregnant…

Me:  Oh?

Random woman:  …but she’s in Florida.

Me: Oh.

Random woman:  She doesn’t get the summer off because she’s due in August.

Me: …

(Doors open and random, bitter, obviously overworked woman gets off.)

Me: Sorry?


Other than that, we’ve scheduled out the rest of the work on the new bedroom- I guess I should be calling it that instead of the “attic” as it’s not really an attic anymore.  We’re actually zeroing in on priming soon.  It’s a spring miracle! 

Just don’t ask about the winter carnage that we’re currently ignoring in our yard…

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