Please Hold…

So, with the getting ready for the baby, our attic/bedroom conversion, and you know, SPRING, the week just seemed to flit by in one of those cute summer dresses I can no longer fit into…

Oh, well.

That being said- we ARE getting close to putting the room together.  Paint is expected to be slapped up this weekend, electric will be done this weekend too, and baseboards/moulding is scheduled for early next week…  Just in time for my parents and sister to visit next weekend. 🙂

I hope they don’t mind a few details that might have missed our sprint to the finish..

Or some wet paint…

Which, leads me to a small dilemma-  we haven’t decorated the baby’s room yet.  Have I mentioned that yet?  Or maybe like a thousand times already?

We don’t have a “theme”- or even a color scheme really-  it’s kind of a mish-mash of numbers/letters/animals, mostly in blues, browns, a bit of green and yellow, etc.   The walls of the room are currently done in classic white (exciting and simulating, no?)- but I was thinking of using the leftover tan paint from our bedroom for an accent wall.  I have a couple of cute animal pictures I’m going to frame, but other than that…

So- any other suggestions to perk up the room?  Maybe make it a bit more kid-friendly? 

Oh, and I really love these – and think it would be a fun way to spice up the room- but which one? 

Blik- Cows

Blik- Circus

Blik- Sheep

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2 thoughts on “Please Hold…

  1. j

    I like the sheep-I think you might have a lamb theme going anyway, even if you don’t realize it yet. Out of all the animal outfits we looked at in Target-what did you pick as the cutest one? The lamb.

  2. d

    Sheep, I like the ‘hash marks’ for the number you have counted.

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