Like her mama?

My husband is mellow.

Way mellow.

He rarely gets visibly angry.  He doesn’t embarrass easily.  He takes bad drivers, obnoxious salespeople, and infuriatingly long lines in stride.  Things just don’t seem to phase him.  I could probably count on one hand the amount of times that he’s yelled in the five years we’ve know each other.  Even home improvement, which I know he reviles but does to please me, only elicits a few sighs and a lot of procrastination from him.

I guess opposites attract.  While I wouldn’t say I’m insanely intense, I’m a bit more free in letting my emotions out- anger, laughter, sadness, joy…  It’s taken me years to learn not to immediately blurt out the first thing that comes into my brain when I’m upset or angry.  I’m still working on my patience- especially if I’m faced with a long line and a agonizingly slow person in front of me, talking on their cell phone, holding up the line of 60 people to decide if they REALLY need that $0.50 candy bar.

Not that I’ve encountered that or anything.

Point is, my moods can change kind of fast- especially during the hormone rushes I’m experiencing right now- and my face and body probably definitely tell what I’m thinking.

Our daughter might just be the same way. 

Some days (like yesterday) it’s all small nudges, gentle taps and quiet.  I actually wondered why she was so sleepy yesterday.  Today?  It’s like she’s angry at the world- pounding on the walls, jumping up and down, wailing away.  Evidently the effort wears her out because I’ll have about an hour’s worth of quiet before she starts in again. 

Did I sleep crooked last night?  Did I eat something she didn’t like?  I don’t know…

We’re going to have fun when she’s a teenager.

And while it’s great  that she won’t ever feel repressed or silently worry herself to sickness- it’s bad because it will get her into trouble with me…(Just ask my mom…)

 Maybe she’s just getting it all now, and will be like her dad…but maybe not…

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One thought on “Like her mama?

  1. d

    we have a theory that this she will prove I think.
    we believe that children come out hard wired for the type of personality they have, no ‘blank page’. HARD WIRED!!
    mark my words, Beth Jr. is on the way, and oh yeah.. you won’t have to wait till she’s a teenager to find that out. I predict less than 1 year.
    God’s little joke on you..or Karma, same thing.

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