36/37/38 weeks

The room is done!  Well, done enough for guests this past weekend- and for a move of our bedroom this upcoming weekend… Of course there are a few details that still need attending to- like a clothes bar in the closet, and a few minor patches of drywall-  but I’ve lived in worse, so you won’t here me complaining.

Other than that, posting has been slower than usual as we’ve been pretty busy the last week (or two).  I was thrown a great baby shower last weekend- and found out that no one can really tell me my due date.  Not even the doctor.

See, when I found out I was expecting, it was estimated that I was due on June 18th.  Great!  If I timed it right, I would be able to take the whole summer off with the baby and start work again on September 1st.

Then I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks (a normal pregnancy is 40 weeks long).  And baby was measuring about a week ahead of schedule- now expected to make an appearance on June 12th.  Ok, I’m flexible- that’s no big deal.

Now, as the days quickly wind down, baby is measuring larger and larger every week-  meaning I’ll be having a 9 (OMG) pound baby on one of my original due dates- OR I could go into labor as early as the 7th or 8th of June.

Have I mentioned OMG?

At any time, if you asked, that means I’m either 36, 37, or 38 weeks along.  And, if you factor in the blood pressure issues I’ve been having lately (trust me, don’t ask)- I could be induced even earlier….um…yeah…

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