The Home Stretch

The upstairs is done!  That is if you don’t count bits of drywall and paint touch-ups that still need to be done- which I don’t… We do still have to make a decision on the flooring (it’s rough wood right now), but it’ll have to wait until later this summer.

I had halfway thought that we wouldn’t finish the project before the baby showed up-  but not only did we finish, we finished her room too!  It’s a summer miracle…

Enough talk, more pictures, right?


Eww…just eww…


No insulation!  In February!  Great for your heating bills!

And after:

The same corner- with new closet…

…and the lights I raved about from Restoration Hardware.

Going into the baby’s room…I thought the saying was particularly apt…

The finished baby’s room:

and the baby (and the disappearance of my feet) (at 41/39 weeks)

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4 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. Wow, those rooms turned out amazing! I love the baby’s room!

  2. Awww! That looks awesome. What a lucky baby!

  3. I don’t remember seeing the “keep calm” wall art when I was there on Tuesday — did I miss it? Very cute!

  4. d

    very nice. The baby’s room turned out even better than I expected.
    Another job well done. AND on time! congrats!

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