Month #1

Dear Little Girl-  (also from now on referred to as Li)-

It’s official- you’re one month old today!  Well, tonight at 9:48 exactly, but that’s ok, I’ll only remind you of that fact on every birthday from now until forever…

I’m honestly surprised at how fast the last month went, though I suppose minor sleep deprivation does that to someone who likes a solid 8 hours of sleep each night.  Yes, there were tears- from both of us…but overall, it’s gone so fast!  I’m surprised how much personality you have at this point- having only been around older kids when I was in prime babysitting age I had no idea- but your personality has taken both of us off guard.  I swear some of the looks that cross your face will probably cross your face in ten years-  and every time it does, you’ll be thinking “Who is this woman and why is she insisting she’s my mother?”   I’m also surprised that you laugh… Of course, it’s kind of a deep grunting sort of laugh that sounds like you’re plotting to take over the world, but it’s a laugh.

And 0ther than seeing three a.m. more often than I have since college, you are an amazingly good baby.  You rarely cry- except to eat- which is just like me.  I KNOW being hungry makes me feel like the Hulk is about to spring forth from my forehead- so I can only imagine what it does when you’re on a 100% liquid diet.   I just hope the lack of fussiness holds out for another month (or lifetime) or so- but also recognize that this probably means any siblings you have will be holy terrors.  I won’t care though, right?  Parenting will be so routine at that point that I’ll be able to make a bottle/change a diaper/soothe a teething infant while juggling chainsaws and wallpapering my dining room, right?

Who am I kidding…I hate wallpaper.

And even though you’ve completely turned your father and my life upside down- we wouldn’t trade you for anything.  That’s not to say that I won’t pull out your 9lb 4oz-gigantic-head guilt card in public when you’re being a bratty teenager- but I think that’s only fair.

When I started this blog, I had intended it to only talk about my house renovation.  And now?  Now I can’t even conceive of starting another house project that involves more effort than a quick vacuum or wipe down with a soapy rag.  Does this mean my renovation days are numbered?  That I’m going to turn into a <gasp> mommy blogger?  That I’m going to post picture after picture after picture of you and your adorable toes?

No, no and maybe…the jury’s still out on the last one.



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One thought on “Month #1

  1. Awwww … you’d better not go ALL “Mommyblogger” on us. (the baby counts as an ADDITION to Cotterpin, BTW.) 🙂

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