Time flies when you’re cleaning up puke

Before I went on maternity leave, I imagined I would have tons of time to do various projects around the house- the baby would be sleeping most of the time after all.

Those porch boards that need replacing?  No problem.

Touching up the paint, oh, in ever room I’ve painted?  Shouldn’t be a problem.

Weeding the garden and cleaning up the increasingly overgrown yard?  That’s what playpens are for, right?  The baby will like the fresh air.

Meanwhile, cleaning out the basement/finishing up the new bedroom/decluttering our house?  Well, I’d have eight extra hours in the day, and no basketball stomach to contend with- so it’ll be a snap.

I laugh at my old naive self.  And shed a tear or two.

Yes- I definitely have more time now that I’m off- but it seems to get eaten up in tiny baby-size bites-  a few bottles, a load of laundry, a few dishes, and a small mountain of diapers and next thing I know it my dear husband is walking in the front door.

And blogging?  What’s that again?

It’ll settle down soon right?  Then I’ll be able to tackle a few more things- right?  Right?

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One thought on “Time flies when you’re cleaning up puke

  1. d

    First of all, the newest improvement at the Cotterpin house is the best and most important one. Porch boards, smorch boards, you’ve got more important things to do right now.
    Secondly, consider how much more organized and comfortable you are now compared to just a month ago, it gets easier. Now, start working on finding a very small paint brush for ‘Li’ to hold. Never hurts to start early.
    ..worked on you come to think of it!

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