Saturday Smocking

I’m starting to learn that completing a few projects can be possible-  as long as I can take frequent breaks for feedings and diaper changes…and that the projects aren’t too ambitious.  Drywalling will have to wait a few more months- but sewing?  Completely possible…I just hope Li doesn’t pick up any of the swear words that mama mutters under her breath when she has to rethread the sewing machine for the 90th time.

After receiving some inspiration from Sweet Juniper– I decided to recycle an old sundress I had into a smocked sundress for Li.  After a few false starts, it turned out better than I expected, but I’m looking at it as a learning experience.

Oh, and Li also seems to like it…as much as a 6 week old can enjoy a sundress.

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One thought on “Saturday Smocking

  1. nj

    Wow-I am truly impressed! That is really cute and you did a great job. I’ve never done smocking, but yours looks professional to me. Looking forward to what you make next.

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