Traveling Man

When I was a kid, road trips were kind of the norm- we lived in a different state than most of our extended family at various times.   No one worried about fuel efficiency or gas prices- it was just taken for granted that sometime in the pre-dawn hours my two sisters and I would be packed into the backseat of some 1980’s sedan to drive to my grandparent’s house… whether that was a 2 hour or 20 hour trip didn’t really matter- that was just the way we traveled.  Of course I was a little more concerned about getting the good coloring book to draw in at that time, so what did I care about the logistics?

In keeping with that tradition, the great American baby tour of ’09 is about to commence.  Now that I’m on the other end of the planning process, I’m a little bit more concerned that we won’t forget anything during the series of 8 hour car trips we’ll be taking.  In the next week the residents of the Cotterpinhouse will be heading to three different states, and taking scenic highway tours of three more…get the kids started young, right?

I guess this means that all those random house projects (and sewing projects) will be on hold for another week.  And, you know what?  I’m totally ok with that.

Pictures to follow, I’m sure.

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One thought on “Traveling Man

  1. d

    It’s interesting when the logistics are up to you, but I know you’ll do fine.
    You learned from the most organized person we both know.
    Another side benefit was that those long back-seat trips prepared you well for 8 hours in the steerage section of a trans-atlantic airliner didn’t they?

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