I’m officially a dork…

…as I have spent way way WAY too much time preoccupied with floor coverings today.  As in most of the day spent contemplating the thickness, patterns and traffic strength of carpet.  As in randomly exclaiming to no one in particular  “The back entry!  The power nap carpet would be perfect!”.

Luckily, my husband is also a dork because he would look up from whatever he was doing, eyes big, and exclaim,

” That WOULD be perfect!!”

So, if you haven’t figured out, we are talking about what we’re going to use to finish the new bedroom floor.  Currently we have rough wood boards, aged to an old wood color and random paint splotches, with just enough splinters added in to keep things interesting.

We definitely want to do something before winter- and probably are going the carpet route as everything else in the house is wood, and it would help warm up the room a bit.  Unfortunately, we’re discovering that carpet isn’t really something you can do yourself-  unless you put in a Flor…which we are considering.  Has anyone had any experience with carpet tiles?  Specifically the “Well Suited”?  I kind of obsessed (like a huge dork) about the concept, the company, and the patterns (as shown by the locations I’m considering placing the tiles)- but am afraid it’ll look a little industrial…We’re going to be testing it out with a throw rug first, but are also open to other ideas- so…


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One thought on “I’m officially a dork…

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