Beginnings and Ends

6am-6:30  Drag self out of a warm bed and flail arms in an attempt to exercise (Succeeding only 4 of the 7 days)

6:30-7:00 Wake up and feed an entirely too chipper Li

7:00-7:15 Shower

7:15-7:30 Dry hair…I’ve got a lot of hair.

7:30-7:45 Frantically search for an outfit for work, attempt make-up and a hairstyle, wake up Li who managed to sneak in a nap

7:45-8:00  Dress Li in cuter clothes than I have, and somehow get out the door

8:15 Drop Li off at daycare

8:30 Arrive at work

Work, work, work

11:00  Lunch

Work, work, work

5-ish Rush out the door for daycare

5:30 Pick up happy Li

5:45 Arrive home and feed a now screaming Li

6:00 Think about making dinner

6:15 Greet husband with a fresh martini and eat freshly made dinner…or go out to dinner…whatever

7:00 Play with a happy Li

8:00 Feed a now screaming Li a snack

9:00 Bathe a suddenly dirty Li and try to put her down for bed

9:45 Attempt to clean up the house

10:30 Consider blogging, or reading, or some other hobby, pass out instead.

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