Numb arms

She wouldn’t stop fussing.  The second you would stop the pacingswingingmovement, the whine would start back up again.


Growth spurt?



Diaper on too tight?

Too loose?

Too hot?

Too cold?

Stuffed up nose from her never-ending cold?

Nope.  Raging like a mini-teenager, nothing soothed her.

Stripped screws, bent nails, split boards- all easier to fix than a crying baby that can’t show you what’s wrong.

She rubs her eyes- once.  Then again.

Overtired- but fighting sleep with every fiber of her being.  Battling against her drooping eyelids.

Finally (FINALLY), she falls asleep in my lap in the rocking chair, and I don’t dare move a muscle, or even breathe too deeply in case I would wake her.  I offer up a little prayer that the squeaky chair isn’t too loud and that a 30 minute nap will bring back my happy baby instead of her miserable twin.

But within minutes?  Just like that?

The last hour is forgotten as I study the line of her cheeks, the fluttering of her lashes and the crease in her elbows.  And suddenly I don’t mind so much having to deal with the miserable baby because I also get the opportunity to watch the happy baby sleep.

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One thought on “Numb arms

  1. What awesome imagery! This too, shall pass …

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