Change of Scenery

I’m rethinking the whole blog thing- while the house theme has been great- there’s not a whole lot of hammering or renovating going on recently due to our new occupant…which leaves this space pretty quiet. TOO quiet. Smothering, binding, makes you want to scream quiet.

So quiet here when there is SO MUCH going on that doesn’t fit with the theme of this blog!

So while I’m still going to talk about our various widely-spacedĀ home projects- I’ll also probably talk a lot more about the crazy random stuff that seems to make up my (our) life inside of the Cotterpin house…

Like the toddler that used my baby as a climbing wall…
Or my coworkers blatantly using company supplies to fund their side business…
Or my search for a coat that allows me to wear it to work AND stay warm in Wisconsin’s winter deep freeze without looking like the Michelin man…

Sound good?

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One thought on “Change of Scenery

  1. Yep, sounds good. Heck, my “houseblog” has been more duckblog/gardenblog for I dunno how long now.

    Which is not to say there isn’t stuff I *should* be doing on the house, whether or not I blog it, of course.

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